Ayurveda Massagen

Massages and Treatments:

Ayurveda Abyhanga – a full Body massage with exquisite oil for your specific Dosha and constitution

60 Minutes for 60€/60USD

90 Minutes for 70€/70USD

Classic Back Massage – a massage for your back, schoulders and neck, with oil or aroma oil, for releasing tension and find relaxation

30 Minutes for 30€/30USD

60 Minutes for 45€/45USD

90 Minutes for 65€/65USD

On-Site Massage – a massage for Offices, work places, Events or more – you can sit in a Special massage chair and we are massaging your back!

15 Minutes for 15€/15 USD

30 Minutes for 20€/20 USD

Ayurvedic Wellness Massage – is releasing Tension in your muscles and can stimmulate your immune system

45 Minutes for 40€/40USD

Mukhabhyanga – Ayurvedic Face and Neck massage

15 Minutes for 15€/15USD

Shiro- Mukhabhyanga – combination of a head and face massage with oil for your specific Dosha, helps with hairloss, stress and anxiety

30 Minutes for 30€/30USD

Garshan Massage – a dry massage for reducing Kapha

30 Minutes for 30€/30USD