Motivational Monday Interview #2 – Meet the Founder of Transformative Nourishment!

Just imagine you are sitting now on your couch, it is the start of a brand new week and your Monday was passing by. After work you just came home and cleaned the flat, made some Food…maybe did some sports. You scroll on your tablet and then you find that inspiring content. Content, people are putting out there because they hear the call and try to live their best lifes yet. Do what they are compassionate about. You feel inspired while you are reading a blog or listen to a Podcast and on the next day, you want to start to be more creative! You also want to start Blogging. Creating a Podcast. Paint a picture. Going to Yogateacher Training.

Our next Interview Partner for – I call it now #Motivational Monday because it is a week with new possibilities and chances – is my favorite Wellness fairy. I want to call her fairy because she literally glows. She is inspiring so many people already on her journey – it is time to spread her vibes! Glad to feature today the beautiful Christine Wilson, aka Transformative Nourishment! She is a Wellness Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist and stands for health, self love and growing a positive mindset! Welcome at „From Ayurveda With Love!“

From Ayurveda With Love means compassion and finding our Dharma in life, so can you tell us what you are compassionate about?

I am deeply passionate about helping other women recognize how capable and powerful they truly are of creating the wellness, happiness and balance they desire.   I am currently living in Myrtle Beach, SC.

2019 is all about creating powerful content, educational resources and programs to assist women in reaching their nutrition and wellness goals. It’s also about simplifying & streamlining my own life. I am feeling very called to live more simply and minimalistic.

Where do you teach/work/heal actually?

I do virtual sessions and in person sessions locally.

What do you know about Ayurveda? Do you practice it already?

I know about some of the self care practices. I practice oil pulling, tongue scraping and dry brushing daily. I have a light knowledge of the Doshas.

What are your thoughts about Ayurveda?

I think it is an amazing tool that I am excited to continue to learn about. I always look forward to all the amazing content you share about it.

Do you know which Dosha you are?

I am Pitta Kapha.

How does your perfect morning routine looks like?

I like to wake up early, drink some warm water, practice meditation, yoga, rebounding, journaling…

How do you integrate Ayurveda into your day to day life?

Yoga, meditation, oil pulling, tongue scraping and dry brushing, mostly!

Is there some Ayurvedic practice you would like to try but never had the chance?

There are many! I am just beginning dive deeper into Ayurveda.

Are you into Yoga or practicing it?

I have been practicing almost 2 years and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. It is a non negotiable in my morning routine.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Still assisting women on their wellness journeys. Traveling more with my family. Writing a book.

What are you doing to improve it? What is your greatest weakness?

I can be hard on myself at times. Self love and self care practices daily. Affirmations, journaling, Mantras are helpful!

How did you find the path you are on right now?

Years of chronic exhaustion and poor digestion led me look deeper into the workings of my body, mind & spirit which brought the awareness of the unhealthy things I was feeding them. Was there a key moment? Not really, It’s been a gradual, 10 year journey. I did dive much deeper and up my self care game after the birth of my second daughter.

How important is meditation to you?

It is a daily necessity. One of the first things I do every morning. I’m more patient, focused and show up better for myself and others.

What is your philosophy and spiritual path?

I believe we are all a part of the same awareness simply experiencing itself in many different shapes and forms. I deeply resonate with the yogic path.

What have you done into the last year to improve yourself?

I have stepped further in to my authenticity and power, being much more honest about my needs, creating healthier habits and boundaries.

Who has been your greatest influence?

Elton Haas, MD. & his books on holistic nutrition. His beautiful approach to nutrition is so inspiring and I resonate with eating the whole plant foods nature provides for us seasonally greatly.

What is your greatest strength?

My intuition. As long as I listen to them my instincts never steer me wrong.

How do you handle stress and pressure?

It’s funny I was just discussing this with my husband this morning. Yoga, more specifically kundalini yoga and meditation have literally changed the way I react to everything, I am no longer in fight or flight, I have the capacity to handle so much more than I used to energetically. I now also have these tools to turn to when I am feeling stressed or pressured.

What are your favorite self-care practices and rituals?

Yoga, meditation, baths, Mantras, journaling, eating a whole food plant based diet.

Are you into Wellness?

You could say that. I am a holistic nutritionist and wellness practitioner. It’s pretty much an obsession of mine. I truly love finding new ways to bring my mind, body and spirit into balance although im finding many of the practices which work best for me are the most ancient.

What are your thoughts about the Zero Waste movement and do you also try to reduce your waste?

I thing it is amazing that we are waking up to this necessity. I am totally working towards this. I have a paperless kitchen, use menstral cups, reusable bags, etc.

Where do you find your ideas for your creative content?

I use my own life experience as inspiration, I share a lot of the practices I use, the things I have overcome, the mindset work I do and the healthy recipes I create for my family. I also have certain passages I share come through for me during mediations.

Is there also a “outer” life besides posting and blogging, like painting?

I love to cook and recipe develop, the beach is my favorite place ever, I write often and ironically I also love to paint. I really love being creative in all areas of my live.

 Where can we find you on Social Media and in the World Wide Web?

My website and blog are at , Instagram is @transformative.nourishment & on Pinterest you can find me as “Transformative Nourishment.”

Do you have got a favorite quote you would like to share with us?

„Be the change you wish to see in the world.“ -Gandhi

Thank you so much for taking the time, Christine!

With those peaceful words, I will Close this blog post now and wishing you a good nights sleep and sweet dreams! Check out Christine on her Homepage and Social Media and let her inspire you! What are you going to start tomorrow to start the life you always wished for?




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