Discover the Doshas

Ayurveda is the quest to the most balanced way in life

Let´s dive deeper into this medical science which is focused in balancing our life and it´s healing aspects. I would like to start to talk about the Doshas and the five elements which are creating them. The most common questions I found in my Instagram mailbox are:

  • What is my Dosha?
  • How can I found out which Dosha I have got?
  • Is it possible to have all three Doshas?

There are many ways to make online quizzes and tests but it seem also to be confusing to so many of us. Let us make it simple. It is not that complicated, I promise!

The science of Ayurveda is based on Elements which we all know and experience day by day. Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether. We can hear, see and feel them with our senses. When we focus now on the qualities, we have fire, which is a powerful force – the main quality here is hot. Earth is grounding and the main quality is heavy. Water is fluid and the main quality is cold. The Air is light and we need it to breathe – the main quality is moving. Ether is not visible, lighter than air – the main quality is mobile.

Let us make now the connection to our bodies. We can relate the elements to explain processes in our body, mind and soul.

Fire can explain your digestion, your metabolism. Water is running through your veins. Air can be the gas in your colon when you had food. Ether can be your intuition. Earth can stand for stability.

We have got those elements, we have got an idea about how we can relate them to our body – let us look upon the Doshas next. The three Doshas are made out of those elements.

The Vata Dosha

Vata is Air and Ether. The qualities are light, cold, rough, dry. In our body it is into our heart, head, bones, joints. It stands for movements in our bodies.

The Pitta Dosha

Pitta is Fire and Water. The qualities are hot, light, sharp, oily, liquid. We can find it in our body in our stomach, blood, gallbladder, liver. It is related for all transformational processes going on, like digestion or nutrient absorption.

The Kapha Dosha

Kapha is Earth and Water. The qualities are slow, heavy, cold, soft, oily and liquid. In our body we find it in our stomach, nose, lungs, tongue. It gives our body structure and stability.

As we have got all elements in our body, it should be clear that we also have all three Doshas into our body – but in varying doses. Those Doshas are the key to keep our body in balance! As you can now make a first transition to the elements and our body parts and organs, we need to look on the characteristics of the Doshas next.

Vata Dosha Characteristics

Think about thin people who can eat amounts of sugar and never get fat. Think about cracking bones and joints. Think about a blown up belly after having beans. Think about dry skin, hair and nails. Think about feeling cold often, especially on the hands and feet. Think about problems with your back like scoliosis. Think about creative and driven people which have got so many ideas and a crazy long CV, because they already tried every job they were interested in. Think in this case also about anxiety and panic attacks.

Pitta Dosha Characteristics

Focus your mind now on a very fit and sporty person, maybe someone who lifts weights and gets easily defined. Think about oily skin and hair, maybe with red highlights on the cheeks. Think about sweat, acne and infections. Think about people who know what they want and got all the energy to just do it. Think about control freaks, impatient people and perfectionists.

Kapha Dosha Characteristics

Think about beautiful, thick hair, shiny nails, round faces and a glowing skin. Think about heavy bones. Think about just looking at that burger and fries and got that straight on your hips. Think about cold hands and feet. Think about service and compassion. Think about calm and quiet. Think about slow and lazy.

Found yourself in one or two? Or all three? Next Sunday we dive deeper into the science of the qualities of our Doshas and can work us slowly to find out which Doshas are related to us – which are in balance, which are maybe out of balance.

Have a beautiful start into your new week and show by next Sunday!

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